Sunday, August 10, 2008

Follow up on "poo free" hair post

I took these photos of my hair tonight with the self portrait/timer option on my camera.

I blogged about Experiments with Hair on August 3. And I got an interesting comment from someone, Jessica, about trying poo free. See the photo of my hair on that blog (click link to "experiments with hair") and see the difference in my hair from a week ago.

I have been poo free for about four or five days now. In the shower tonight I gently washed my scalp with baking soda and rinsed. Then I sprayed in some apple cider vinegar. I let it sit and added some light conditioner to the ends. I rinsed all and then rubbed my hair with a towel to spread the natural sebum oils. I did not brush my hair. Curly hair/wavy does not do well with a brush. I don't own a wide toothed comb which is recommended for my hair type. Brushing my hair damages the ends and makes it friz. So, I found out after seeing the difference on these photos. My hair is healthier already! And Mother Nature thanks me for not polluting the water with my nasty shampoo and plastic bottles which I no longer need. I am done with shampoo forever! My hair was oily, dry, and needed a trim before and now it is perfect! Of course, my hair and scalp are still adjusting.

I have been very active lately and have been getting in the shower to rinse off every night before bed. I have either been to the fair and came home hot and dirty, or mowed the lawn, or something like that every day this past week. So my hair has not been doubly insulted with chemicals each day. And I am so thankful.

I even got my husband to try not using shampoo. He was skeptical! He had the oily head, back, and face problem as well. Now he has no oily film on his upper body like before.

I know you are thinking I must be crazy! Oh, well! I am happy and loving it. Maybe you'll even try this experiment for yourself? Thank you again, Jessica for spreading the word and to all the others who have fessed up about this cool secret. I've even had a few people out there in cyber world thank me for passing on the info because they were trying to go poo free, but didn't know there was so much info out there.

~Heather xoxox


Snavleys said...

I might have to give that a try. I'm pretty conscientious about what products I use but still, it is a lot of stuff we use that probably isn't necessary. My downfall is that I use hairspray for my "fly-aways" so it makes it harder to wash out. I will try the baking soda thing though and let you know how it goes:) I mean, what the hell did people use before shampoo? It really isn't natural if you think about it.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Heidi, Let me know how it goes. I think the ACV is great even though the smell is funny. It makes my hair really shiney and soft. I put the baking soda in an empty shampoo bottle and mixed it with water. So I can just pour it on now.

~Heather ;)

juliecache said...

i go 'poo free for up to three days quite frequently. i've seen it promoted for five days in fashion mags. if you ever watched "victorian house" on iptv (kind of like the "frontier house" series), you'll see the women go through hair care woes.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I guess I don't know much about other forms of poo free. I would love to talk to long gone ancestors to see how they lived. ;)

Jessica said...

VERY cool!

I'm going to actually have to re-try the baking soda... I was using conditioner and then I would pour a slosh (1/4 cup or less) of ACV into a large bowl of water & then rinse with it... comb goes RIGHT through it easily!

BTW thanks for the vitacost site: I got hair coloring there, but I'm gonna wait a week to color my hair since the swimming pool is going to be open one more week.

Yeah, Heidi, what DID people use before shampoo??

And how often? I used to wash about once a week since my hair tends to be on the dry side except during swimming pool season... been conditioning/ACV'ing about 1 or 2x/week

I would sometimes rinse in ACV-h2o after swimming to get the gunk out.. also before swimming, I'd get my hair good & wet with plain water in the pool shower..

Now that I think about it, I think I'm gonna go try some baking soda, etc... :)