Monday, January 6, 2020

Growing up isn't always easy

Gee, this could be a long story. Now that I am getting past my mid-thirties I am starting to revisit some interesting junctures in my life. I am starting to spend a lot less time worrying about the past. I mostly laugh about it all and am grateful for where I am now. Not that my past is anything I regret.

I grew up in Houston, Texas. But I didn't really grow up entirely until I had children. And even then I still had, and have, a lot of growing (up) to do. The places I've lived or been don't really matter. But the people I have come into contact have meant a lot to me.

I thought I had life all figured out a few times along the way, only to later realize I was way off base, and had a long way to go. Some of the highlights were when I was a teenager. Another time I felt I had life figured out was when I was going to college in Montana to be near my future husband (Cliff) at the Great Falls Air Force base. I felt like I had really hit the big time taking out all those student loans to get some education. I was going to be a counselor and then I was going to be a social worker.

Then when I dropped out of college and moved to Iowa with my fiance, Cliff, and landed a good job making more than I would have as a social worker, I thought I was so lucky and on the right track to security. I worked my way through several non-profit jobs. I was a home health aide coordinator for awhile. Then I worked as an office manager at a church for 4 years. Cliff enrolled in college classes, took out loans, and we were heading toward financial security and planned to start a family when Cliff's education was complete. He started working as a computer programmer. We had it all planned out and were doing great.

Cliff finally earned his degree and we started trying to have a baby. I bought copies of baby magazines, baby name books, and "What to Expect When You're Expecting." It was only the best for me and my baby. I felt so prepared. We had a modest 3 bedroom tract house built in Austin, Texas. I was able to start working part time as a bank account manager. We found the perfect OBGYN to deliver the baby boy we were expecting. And then the most unthinkable thing happened...

to be continued

Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Mexico to Arizona via Salt River Canyon

 We took highway 60 to Canyon Lake Campgrounds in Arizona. We had a blast at the campground with the Watkins on the first day and the next day we went to a park day in Mesa with the Watkins clan. Kids loved it! I loved it!! It was nice to be around other kids again. Then we headed to Guru Mike's in Sedona and hit Montezuma's Castle on the way. We went to Red Rock Crossing and then Slide Rock State Park before we proceed to the Grand Canyon on Easter Sunday! What a whirlwind week it has been getting back into civilization! We were in Pie Town for 10 weeks with lots of side trips. Cliff took the kids to Boulder to ski and to hang with friends. I picked my brother up in Phoenix and repaired a tire. Lots of grumpy moments have transpired, but overall it has been a good experience. We are meeting lots of really interesting people and seeing some awesome places we will never forget.

We are slowly making our way west and if we can we will work/volunteer/live on some organic farms in California and possibly in Hawaii. We have don't always have a lot of access to high speed internet, so I am squeezing in this time at guru Mike's before we leave in the morning.

Much peace and love to all!

Hiking in western NM and playground by Dodd's

New Mexico days of 2012

Housesitting in Pie Town entailed a lot of bonfires, movies, road trips, seeing the Dodd's, hitting explora, Camden playing Plant's vs Zombies with Sandra for hours was a joy to see! It was a lot of hunkering down and just being this winter! It is over now and we a foot loose and fancy free for a bit.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pie Town, New Mexico

Cute kitties we are house sitting. The fourth cat is off playing...she is a young one!
This is one of many cool wood carving we have seen in Pie Town. There is a huge big foot he is facing. ;-)
 We are house sitting in Pie Town, New Mexico for a few months in a cozy little house on over 150 acres. We are in a very remote area and it is very peaceful here. Shadow is loving the homeowner's dog as well. I will add more blog posts as I get the chance. It ties up the phone line to use the dial up internet. And as it is we are expecting a few phone calls. So I am going to end this here for now!

No, we don't know where we are going next and no we are not worried.

Much love and peace to all!

P.S. Kids and Cliff are well, but wish we had more friends or family out here. 

Galisteo, New Mexico

 After Sandra's symposium we went to house sit in Galisteo, NM (25 minutes south of Santa Fe). We house sat a lovely cat named, Kitty and an old golden named, Peanut. We were there three weeks in a lovely passive solar house. I don't have good access to all my photos at the moment, but these are a few.

James, Adam and Julie Daniels from England were still in town and came over for lunch and we had a really nice visit with them.

My brother, Kris also came to New Mexico to look for work and visited with us for a bit. We went on some awesome hikes and had a very nice visit with him for about a week.

The homeowners were very awesome and we loved the pets a lot!!! Camden cried when we had to say goodbye to Kitty. She was a wonderful and friendly cat.

Adam and Holden

Galisteo mountains

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sandra Dodd's Always Learning LIVE! 2011- III

Holden and Adam quietly playing hide and seek during one of the talks

One of the last nights just hanging out with their new buds.

Sandra Dodd's Always Learning LIVE! 2011- II

Daniels from England and Sandra Dodd on the right

Melissa from Wisconsin and one of her beautiful babies

Half of the music circle. It was a great time!

The people in the music circle changed every 30 minutes or so. We took turns picking songs to sing and Sandra played the guitar and Milo and a dad from Mississippi took turns playing.

Renee from Oregon and one of her twins. ;-)

Adorable girl dancing to our singing.

Young adult teen panel on Friday afternoon. That was one of my favorite parts! I loved the young adults and teens!!!

Sandra Dodd's Always Learning LIVE! 2011

Adam D, Holden, and Xander C.

The second day and all the kids were very interested in playing Minecraft together.

Zoe S, Meg P, and Luke D (Luke made these cool hats)

Cam and Adam D from England

Pam S and Rose S (mother and grown daughter) on the right

Jill P--her first time speaking and she was awesome!!!

Carlsbad Caverns Photos

Yes, we went and YES, we LOVED it!!! We went on December 28 on our way to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Thank you for all the input about our pending trip! It was very cool there and very simple to get around since we opted to ride the elevator down to the caverns and the walkway is very simple and safe. The kids loved it just as much and will never forget it. ;-)