Friday, February 3, 2012

Pie Town, New Mexico

Cute kitties we are house sitting. The fourth cat is off playing...she is a young one!
This is one of many cool wood carving we have seen in Pie Town. There is a huge big foot he is facing. ;-)
 We are house sitting in Pie Town, New Mexico for a few months in a cozy little house on over 150 acres. We are in a very remote area and it is very peaceful here. Shadow is loving the homeowner's dog as well. I will add more blog posts as I get the chance. It ties up the phone line to use the dial up internet. And as it is we are expecting a few phone calls. So I am going to end this here for now!

No, we don't know where we are going next and no we are not worried.

Much love and peace to all!

P.S. Kids and Cliff are well, but wish we had more friends or family out here. 

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