Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Minnesota unschooling hoorah!

We had a really awesome weekend visiting friends in Minnesota. We visited with two families. One family lives on a dairy farm with about 200 Holstein cows and two kids (one boy and one girl). The mom is from Rio, Brazil. Her husband is from Minnesota. It was such a wonderful experience staying with them. They were hospitable and a lot of fun! We toured the dairy farms a few times. We ran from the bull that NEVER gets loose. We went to beautiful White Water State Park. Nothing out of the ordinary. (Yeah right!)

The other family was staying at a campground and we were going to camp with them. We ended up staying with the first family for two days and the third day at the camp ground with the second family.

We had met our "wild tribe" friends several times before and they are a lot of fun to relax with and swap stories with. They have three boys. I'm hopeful to visit them all again before winter. It's only a 3 1/2 hour drive and it was worth it. The "wild tribe" mom and dad always make me feel so relaxed. We all feel like we have known each other forever. We are all very different as people, but very similar in some beliefs about children.

Our paths were once career driven and possibly discontent as women. As girls born in the 60s and 70s we were raised to believe we needed to be financially independent. I suppose many women and girls are/were raised to believe that. That may be true for some, but many kids suffered the price health-wise and mentally as well. Wild Tribe mama was a school teacher. My cow farm mama friend had her law degree, was a flight attendant, and dog show fanatic who had not planned to have children. She did when she was in her mid 30s.

We have slowly found our own true paths. What we enjoy most this decade, is being mothers, and connecting with people who respect their kids whole heartedly, or at least strive toward mindful treatment most of the time. We also love looking for truths and miracles in every day life. Our paths may not be for everyone. But they are right for us. I'm proud of all my friends, young and old. We are all on some sort of path. We are just truly grateful to have husbands who respect our work and choices. It is good to be honored and understood for the craft we weave.

Hopefully we'll be able to reconnect with more of our local friends and family this summer and fall as well. We don't foresee the fun ever ending! And as far as our boys' schooling. The learning never ends and neither will the fun. We believe you can't have one with out the other. No regrets there.

Cliff is going back to college full-time tomorrow to start earning more credits for a bachelor degree. He is excited and I am ready to get that transition of change over with. We made the most of summer and had some great family time. No regrets!

We'd love anyone out there passing through central Iowa to stop by; we can make room for you. We like to meet more people who "live and learn" like we do. That goes for local lurkers or out of state family. Come on over! Of course, email us first.

To see our Flickr photo album of our entire weekend go HERE.

May your path bring you much peace and joy.

~Heather and family


Alex Polikowsky said...

bzWow Heather what a great post about our weekend! It was great and we miss you all already!
Come back soon!!!!!
PS I ope it is OK to link to your post!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

That is fine to link to my post. I am so glad you didn't mind all the photos. I think you and your kids are beautiful!!!

We miss you all already too. Holden got on Roblox today. He will get on again tomorrow I think. I'll try to call when he does.

Thanks for everything!!

Alex Polikowsky said...

MD will love that. Call me and let me know when he is on.

kelli said...

awww, looks awesome! I missed this when you posted it. Minnesota in the summer you can't beat it!