Sunday, March 8, 2009

Unschoolers?! Scholarships?! Transcripts?! Oh YES!!!

There is a new and awesome blog post on Life Without School about how to get scholarships for homeschoolers/unschoolers. The mom who wrote the article, Jena (one of my blog followers--I hope she sees this) has a son who just got a full ride at the University of Chicago. It is a must read article!

She has inserted their blank transcript form and the program they used to create it. It is beautiful!

Ideas for course titles. West River Academy specializes in transcripts for unschoolers. You can go to their site and click the "Information" heading. Under that heading are two links for course titles. As unschoolers there are many things we do that qualify as a course to list on a transcript, although it is not an actual class in building. Trust me, you will be amazed to see that is true!

Also, an unschooling blogging friend in MN, with a 17 year old, just told me there is an amazing book that helps, too: "Transcripts Made Easy"by Janice Campbell."
Also, see: Thank you, Ahna, for the information!!

Hope you all are as impressed as I am by all the creative ways people live and succeed. I just want to add that college is not for everyone. I will never push my boys to go to college. It will be their choice. But if they decide to go we will help them get scholarships. College loans are not the way to go!! We still have over $40K in students loans from Cliff. It is a scary piece of debt. Mine just got paid off last year when I was 35 years old. Yikes! So obviously, we are not in the position to pay for our boys' college education one day.

Kudos to Jena for passing on the information! And kudos to West River Academy as well. There is so much help out there for those who know where to look, or for those who are looking.

Love to all!
~Heather xoxox

P.S. This is from Laura in Illinois~Add this link: Alison (unschooling advocate) has written this book: From Homeschool to College and Work: Turning Your Homeschooled Experiences into College and Job Portfolios


Snavleys said...

Awesome, thanks for the post. I am going to leave this open so Kev can read it:)

piscesgrrl said...

Cool - I'll have to check those links. I used Alison McKee's book when I made a transcript for Brady. Just another resource for the list!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thanks, Laura. I passed on that book link. I appreciate it! I have had quite a few people thank me for passing on this info b/c their kids are in this stage. I will be interested in hearing all about these kids' lives as they get out on their own. What an exciting time!!

~Heather ;o)

jdipie said...

Please read for the safety of your readers. When you google search king snakes a picture of a coral snake with your blog name appears. It is identified as a king. This identical picture also appears when you google search coral snakes. Also the picture on your website is vague. I suggest correctly identifying it.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

jdipie--thanks for letting me know. please look and see if that looks better.