Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Much needed Daddy time!

Cliff is on his spring break from college this week. He took the boys to see "Watchmen" and the boys loved it. I loved it too because it was long, and I was at home. LOL. I had a lot I wanted to do and I needed a mommy break. I love being with them, but I have been fighting a head cold for two days, and been a bit grumpy. But I am way over the hump now. It has been rainy and colder again. So not much outdoor time the past few days. But it will warm up again next week to the 50s (yes that is normal for us this time of year).

On Saturday night Cliff's brother came over and they tore down the old kitchen cabinets, and countertop. They installed the upper cabinets. So our kitchen is pretty funny looking right now. I will upload photos when we get more done. I washed dishes in the bath tub today. It was kinda fun in a way. The boys were at the movie and I had the music up. Cliff's brother is supposed to come back this afternoon (Tuesday) and hopefully get some plumbing moved for the sink, and the base cabinets installed. It should not be too complicated, and we'll be almost done. We are so grateful to have Cliff's brothers help. He does this sort of stuff for a living.

We have not ordered the countertops yet. We are waiting to get exact measurements when the base cabinets are installed. And we don't have the sink yet either. We want to try to get the biggest sink possible for the shape of our corner cabinet. The only issue is that bigger will have to be special ordered, and it could take a few weeks to a month to arrive. So I am debating hard about that. No kitchen sink for longer?? Or wait and get a bigger sink with two sides? We can get a 25" sink today. We can't get a 27" sink today that has two tubs or even one tub. They have to be ordered. I found a corner sink I really like, but it would take at least 2 to 3 weeks to get here. And I can't even order it yet until I am sure it will work for our kitchen. So I am trying so hard to be patient. We've only had one mishap so far with the kitchen, it has to do with electricity. And it was nothing too serious. So far all the cabinets look great! We haven't unpacked them all yet, they are heavy. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

On Friday, I went to Target and purchased headphones with mics for the guys to use while playing WoW. It has been a huge hit! Cliff and Holden are on a guild together with their Death Knights. They absolutely love it! They love playing WoW together. They love hearing their guild members. Cliff is a GM of one of his guilds now. No one can believe Holden is only 7, and so good at the game. They love talking to him while they are on quests. Holden only plays with them when Cliff is on. Cliff is now a level 80 Death Knight and Holden is a 71, I believe. They actually do not go through Skype to hear their guild members. There is a chat abililty built in WoW. All you have to do it turn it on through the sound and video interface. You will then hear all people in your "party." However, Holden has been using Skype to hear some friends he made through the Horde of Unschoolers guild on WoW. They call him and he loves it!

Hopefully when our kitchen is complete, Cliff and I will go on a much needed date. I am in need of some Daddy time now that I am feeling better. LOL.

Happy day to all!

~Heather xoxox


Jack said...

Sounds like you are super busy. Get as much daddy time as possible...recharging is super important when things are hectic.



GreenRanchingMom said...

Have you ever been to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in Dsm? It is great & they have countertops and laminate VERY cheap. You might be able to find the sink you are looking for too! Have fun! Good Job guys!

Snavleys said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

We are still plugging away. ;o)

Hopefully we'll be at least halfway done tomorrow.

Thanks for all the well wishes!

P.S. I called the Re-store and they don't have the odd size sink we need. Our corner cabinet will only fit a 25"x22".