Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kitchen is 3/4 done!! Yippee!!

<==This was our kitchen before the tear down.

This is what our kitchen looks like now. Cliff's brother came this morning and moved the plumbing for the sink. It was a huge relief when he got here and they made so much progress. We picked out our sink (it will be here soon) and we will order the counter top tomorrow. I got an estimate and we will pay for it tomorrow. I didn't have the exact measurements, but now I do. There was one measurement I left off. I had a cardboard template Cliff and I made, but it wasn't 100% in one spot. And that was the one spot I didn't think to write down, duh. We are very pleased with everything. We still have a few things left to do. The counter could take a few weeks before it comes in. But that is o.k. We are just so happy to have this much done with no issues. Well, there was issue today. I picked out a really pretty sink faucet. When I got it home and opened the box it was bent. So I am taking it back tomorrow for an unbent version. But that is really nothing too big.

I spent most of this evening organizing all cabinet contents. We have a lot more room now because of the pantry. It is not exactly how we pictured it, but it is o.k. Cliff wishes we would have left the fridge on the south wall by the window (the window is next to the tall pantry--on the left side of one photo) and made the counter area bigger where the fridge is now. But what is done is done. We had planned to buy a roll-a-way island to put by the window. Either way we are happy and it will work fine for us. My favorite is that all the cabinet space is usable. There are no hidden areas that we can't get to as before. The diagonal cabinets are awesome. I just don't know where we will keep the triops and Beta fish which are on the roll-a-way dishwasher by the infamous window, that you can't see in the photo. And I am excited about the new dishwasher! It will clean better than my old one.

This is all very exciting for us! We have been dreaming about this for about 7 years. We moved into this house in May of 2002. We knew this kitchen needed a makeover, but didn't think it would take us this long to make it happen. The hardest was Cliff and I agreeing on another layout. We both liked the corner sink idea so we could squeeze a dishwasher in near the plumbing. I really wanted my sink in front of the kitchen window. But the window is large and would have involved a lot more expense and time to move plumbing, the window, and an air vent. So we stuck to a simple plan. I will take more photos in a few weeks when all is complete.

Now we can spend the rest of Cliff's spring break doing other things besides kitchen projects. Like getting outdoors, going to do some fun things around town, or just relaxing. Cliff has my cold now, but he'll still have a good spring break.

May your days be filled with happiness and peace!


P.S. That is Holden not wanting his photo taken. He was jumping up and down. He makes a game out of not wanting his photo taken. He did stand still for me after that, but made a pathetic face, with slumped shoulders. I much prefer his happy jumping.


zamozo said...

Your new kitchen looks fabulous! So much lighter and fresher looking - and all that storage! Congratz!

Hilary said...

I love my sister's corner sink. You can wash dishes without being in the way of people who still want to get food. Very get-together friendly.

Good luck putting in the countertop. In a few years, we WILL replace our white-and-gold-flecked formica ... but we have to redo our floors first.

Anonymous said...

It looks awesome, Sis!!!! I love you!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

thanks everyone!! i am so excited. we ordered the formica counter top today. it was $500!!! ouch! but it will be worth it when it gets here. the old white one with gray specks and lots of cuts, stains, etc. will not be missed. i am going to try to freecycle it though. lol.