Saturday, March 7, 2009

New combo for fun at our house

Skype and WoW!!! Holden (7) now has a Horde Death Knight on a PVP realm to play WoW with new unschooling friends on a guild. Holden has been itching to make some unschooling friends on WoW. The friends we found use headsets to communicate. Last night he was able to talk to a new friend (8 year old boy) and play WoW at the same time using Skype (free). It rocks! Both friends will be at the Life is Good conference for unschoolers in May. One of the friends will be giving a funshop about WoW. She is 13 or 14. So life is really exciting here for Holden right now. I am so happy for him. All our efforts the past few days to connect paid off. The headset was inexpensive! Life really is amazing.

Gratitude to all!!

~Heather xoxox

P.S. Did you know if you have a level 55 WoW toon you can make a (one) Death Knight on any realm on that account. We stumbled onto that by accident because Camden wanted a Death Knight toon. He got on a new realm and made one. LOL.

P.S.S. Our cabinets are coming this morning! Cliff is working for the Air National Guard this weekend. But we're coming along. In the eves we will get started. Monday is when the real fun will start.

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