Friday, March 6, 2009

The best day ever!

I woke up so excited about yesterday!!! It was going to be warm for our us (was 70 something!). Holden and I had plans to attend a special science night for homeschool kids at a local university, while Cliff and Camden planned to stay home and bond. It was a lot of fun! And we had our first outdoor unschool park day this year. I am always so amazed at how many cool things there are to do. There never seems to be an end to all the excitement.

On the way to the science night we stopped at a friend's to pick up some farm eggs she had for us. Holden and I went in to chat about World of Warcraft for a bit. He wanted to see their toons and ask questions. He was so wound up last night thinking about WoW. He wanted to call up these friends last night when we got home to ask a few more questions he thought of. One was a clarification. LOL.

Holden and I had a great time together at the science night. All the college kids were awesome! We saw friends, too! We were there until 9pm last night making ice cream; it was a science experiment. Holden's favorite was the circuit center. Mine was the insect zoo. I actually loved the SCUM presentation too. It was about all sorts of cool chemical reactions. We had seen most of the reactions at the local science center, but it was still fun! They made science really interesting for kids. I thought the candy DNA idea was a good idea. And there were lots of other food science sessions. There were a ton of people there, but I thought they were pretty organized. All worked out fine. I know they were supposed to have about 200 kids.

So it was a wonderful day yesterday. I even got a little sun yesterday. It was the most beautiful day I can remember having in March in Iowa. We've had the sunniest winter I can remember. I love it! Holden and I rocked out on the hour drive home to the radio and had fun chatting away about the day. We got home at about 10pm. I keep telling myself how lucky we are to live such a cool life!

Our cabinets are coming in this weekend. And we are set to install them soon. We'll see how it goes! Cliff's brother may be helping us. Keeping our fingers crossed that all goes smoothly. Cliff's spring break starts tonight! Yay!! New kitchen and spring break! How lucky can we get?

And I did get an email from my friend who was down in the dumps on Monday. They are doing fine now. I have been emailing them to check in and will hopefully get to talk to them on the phone soon. So that is all the news I can squeeze in right now. I am going to take a shower and get outside. It is going to be another beautiful day!

Feeling lucky here as always!

~Heather xoxox

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