Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Poo Free?

This cool article is an extension of my *experiments with hair*. I just tried the experiment and I was flat out thrilled! I am starting out by washing my roots only with baking soda and then rinsing in apple vinegar. I rinse with water after doing both those items. Today I can feel a huge difference in my hair. If all goes well I'll just do the Mexican wash method. LOL. Before when I used shampoo I couldn't even get my hands through my hair until I conditioned it. It was awful and felt sticky.

The funny thing about all this is that I always wondered how people survived w/o all the products we have. What a waste of money I've been shelling out all these years, polluting the earth with all my plastic, putting icky chemicals on my scalp, and into the water system. I've noticed that with my boys they have really nice and clean hair without washing it for a week or more. They mostly use water because the products bug their eyes. Camden has never cared for shampoo. Now I won't worry about shampooing.

After reading the above *article* I am very much wondering if shampoos could be the cause of male balding? Does anyone out there have any ideas?

Thank you, Jessica, for your poo free suggestion!! Kudos to you friend!!


P.S. I scrubbed my face with baking soda instead of my face wash. What a nice difference there too. It took away a little oil and left my face soft, not dry or irritated. Anyone else have any cool beauty secrets I could try?

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Jessica said...

I'm about to order some of that hair color in sandy golden blonde, which looks like is close to my original color... I may see about leaving some of the white showing for a streaky effect! :)

Also I've been reading your adventures with Shadow, finding, her, etc... we're looking for another dog/puppy & I SOOOO get what you mean about not wanting to deal with puppy related stuff. Not sure what kind of dog we want yet, but I'm inspired reading about Shadow!