Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday blues

It has been a good week so far, except Holden just went and puked. He was sick last week and just got better. Now he is sick again. I bet he picked up a virus at the Adventure Rainforest camp we have been attending the past few evenings. If we are lucky we'll be staying home tonight and watching Nim's Island on DVD. I made pesto in the blender with basil from a friend's garden. It smells so delicious! I hope the kids like it (it is very green and mushy). If not, more for me and Cliff. It has a lot of cheese, garlic, walnuts, one cup of olive oil, and two cups of basil. Any pesto recipe on-line will explain how to make it.

Here is Camden at the Adventure Rainforest camp with the bird mask he made.

This is a photo of someone else's vehicle in a parking lot. I love it!

My boys with their friends. We went to the finger pond today to look for creatures to study. We saw lots, including a musk rat, but captured nothing.

When Cliff is not out and about town he loves to cuddle up with the boys and watch the tube.

Cliff and Holden during craft time at the evening camp session on Monday.

There is one other set pf parents that stay at the camp for the whole two hours with their kids. We stay because we want to be involved and we would never dump our kids off somewhere that they don't feel comfortable. Period! Plus we don't really know anyone at this church very well. We saw a few neighbors there who aren't members either and just drop their kids off. It is really cool to try new things. I doubt we'll sign up next year. It was free and some of the arts and crafts are really cute. Yesterday they played duck, duck, goose. Holden loved it. Camden didn't care to try it. The zoo creatures on Monday were neat. But 3/4 of the creatures were nothing new. It was neat to hear about them though and touch them.

That's all for the moment! I gotta go check on Holden.


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Karen said...

Oh, being sick in the summer is especially yucky! I hope he feels better soon.