Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dog days of summer are here

We are having our first official heat wave of the summer! I guess low to mid-80s aren't considered hot around Iowa this time of year. It is in the 90s here lately. But luckily it will cool down in time for the State Fair starting up in four days. Cliff's been busy working on his old beater car to drive to school this fall. The kids and I stay busy doing our thing. Holden just got over a case of food poisoning from a fast food restaurant. I've been busy in the early mornings trying some new pilates and yoga DVD workouts. I was using other DVD workouts but got bored with them. We try to walk the dog twice a day. We went to visit friends for a bit yesterday. Every day is something new around here! This week I am taking the boys to a church school program called, "Rainforest Adventures." It is two hours a day for 3 evenings and the fourth day will feature a pool party. I am mainly taking them because of the things they will get to do for a few days, such as: science experiments, arts and crafts, skits, and they will have two guests. One guest is from the local zoo and the other is from the local county conservation board. I am sure they will be bringing fury creatures to show off. If it is not that great we just won't stay the whole time. We do lots of our own arts and craft and experiments, but it will be fun to see what they offer.

I need to take photos of our stack of library books by the bed. There are so many awesome kid books out there! I love one I read the other night that is called "Blues Journey." It is about the journey of the Blues music. But the book is mostly a song. The book has before and after pages describing Blues music and its history. The pictures are beautiful. It is a father-son created book. Both boys loved the book. Camden asked me to read (sing) it twice.

Photo journey:

Shadow's temporary bath tub. I have it filled with water so she can drink water or jump in to keep cool when she is not inside with us.

Holden playing with Shadow.

Camden putting the raw eggrolls onto the skillet. He insisted on helping me. Notice the skillet is on the back burner! I loved him helping me roll the eggrolls. He left after he got the first batch on the skillet. He went to talk to his dad and brother.

Half cooked egg rolls.

An emerging cicada Holden found around our yard. He is keeping it for a day and then will release it.

Camden's latest Lego creation. It has wheels!

A dead butterfly Camden found in the neighbor's yard. Not sure what type it is??

Sweet memories! Happy dog days of summer to everyone!

~Heather and family


Julie Boerst said...

I loved reading about your day! Thanks for sharing it.

Jules said...

Looks like an Eastern tiger swallowtail to me (I posted one on my blog

That book about the Blues sounds cool.

This was my first blog carnival (new to blogging in general). Fun to read about everyone's days.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I'll have to check out the tiger swallow on your blog!

The Blues book is cool. Not at all schooly to me. Just neat to see the history of the Blues. And I liked the song.

I like your blog! It is fun to see about other folk's days.

~Heather ;)

JOYus life. and my journey... said...

hi it is me, bLiSs, from RUN. oh i'm going to add you to my blog follow list! i love all those neat treasures and stuff you guys are learning about together...egg rolls...butterfly! we have the same ones right now here in central oregon...i'm wondering if they could they be swallowtails? i've been meaning to look that up.

:O) what joy! you DID bring ME can never ever have enough! :O) thank you!!!

JOYus life. and my journey... said...

p.s.-you have motivated my motivation to find out exactly what butterfly this is...

yay! i have learned one more thing!!! :O) check!