Sunday, August 3, 2008

Experiments with hair

For the last 10 years I have been mostly picky about getting my haircut every 5 to 6 weeks. I am challenging myself not to get my haircut until at least September. It has been about 5 or 6 weeks since my last haircut. I am trying to grow my hair out. I didn't think this would be doable until a few weeks ago when I decided to leave my conditioner in my hair and not rinse it out in the shower. I always thought it was gross to leave in conditioner. What I have found is that when I towel dry my hair half of the conditioner comes off any way.

I started coloring my hair every other month last year to cover gray. I swore I never would, but now I like it. It has been a lot of fun trying new colors. I found a hair dye I really like. I found it at a health food store near Houston, Texas this spring when I was visiting my sister. The hair dye is called Naturtint and I now buy it on-line since I can't buy it local in central Iowa--that I know of. If I am wrong please let me know! The color I have applied recently is really interesting, Mahogany Chestnut. I love it! Here's some product info for anyone interested:

Naturtint is the first permanent hair colorant without Ammonia or Resorcinol. Thanks to its gentle formula enriched with active vegetable ingredients, Naturtint richly colors your hair and will completely cover grey hair.

Thanks to the New Formula and its multiplying effect, Nutrideep regenerates the hair fibre giving to it 3 times more strength and volume; its active ingredients greatly improve the condition of your hair and color duration of your hair and color duration by forming a protective shield to neutralize the effects of UV rays.

Sounds impressive? I am happy with the product although with shipping I spend about $5 more than Clairol. I don't mind too much. I'll probably trim my own bangs or grow them out as well. I may even highlight strands of my hair again. I did that last year with an $8 highlighting kit I bought at a local grocery store.

Another thing I have tried lately is only washing the roots of my hair. We have hard water and my hair seems to do best with not being lathered. Some oil on my hair keeps it healthier. Right now I am using a Dove shampoo for color treated hair. I prefer salon shampoos, but I can't always afford it.

Who dares me to go medium blond? I tried a reddish color before this latest color. What hair experiments have you or your kids tried? When I get REALLY brave I will try the hot pink I've been thinking about--maybe just on a few strands.


Jessica said...

Have you heard about leaving your hair poo-free in addition to the other things you've been trying? Check google for "poo free"... here's a couple of sites to look at:

I've been poo free for a while, mainly I started it to see if it might help my summer-swimming pool-hair syndrome & when I keep up with it, it works...still not sure if I'm DOING it right but what I do is "wash" my hair with conditioner (not soap because it damages the hair) and then do a rinse with water and apple cider vinegar...

Just something to think about! LOL :)

Jessica said...

BTW, my hair does seem nicer, but since I keep it in a braid all summer (hot, ya know?) it's hard to tell... we'll see how things go when the weather cools down and I let the strands freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

BTW my regular blog is at

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thanks for your poo free suggestion! I can't wait to try it!! I'll blog about it to let you know how it goes after a few days or a week.

~Heather ;)

Jessica said...

Forgot to mention that my kids are wanting to try Manic Panic on their mohawks... they'd like to also figure out how to get the 'hawks to stand up! :)

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I love Manic Panic! But the one I used wasn't permanent. I got it at Sally's Beauty Supply. To get it to stand up: I think they have to blow dry it up and use gel or hairspray?? Like bend over with the hair dryer and get it real stiff with gel and then hairspray? I'm not sure. I used to wear my bangs straight up when I was around 14 or 15. LOL. I had to blow dry them up.

I love the hair colors from Naturtint. I hope it comes out well for you!

Jessica said...

Hi! I have a box of Naturtint & am planning to use it sometime this week... got a question: the instrux say to do a test on it first and ALSO say to use the stuff after mixing right away or something along those lines.. how do I test if I have to use the mixture right away (or maybe I don't have to mix first)? Does this make sense?

Maybe email me so we can talk about this that way? jessica at weavingrainbow dot com