Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not chasing our tails...

But Holden does love to make up games for the dog which cause her to chase a toy near her tail. We didn't leave the house at all on black Friday and our Thanksgiving was cozy and content. Well, Cliff left the house because he had to work and he is grocery shopping today (with Holden) for his first time at the new Trader Joe's in Iowa! And Holden left the house Thursday and Friday to play outside, even though it was cold out. He took friends to play with some frozen lake water, which was quite exciting for them. He accidentally dropped his walkie talkie in the lake though and it shorted out. They lasted a year at least. Boo hoo.

Holden turns 9 in a little over a week and my birthday is the day before! It has been a really fast year! I had photos to share, but they are MIA.

Sending out lots of love to all!


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