Friday, November 19, 2010

Flying machine and sick bugs

We are passing around a cold here this week and I have it the worst. Wahh. But on the upside I have a flying machine on my WoW player now! Both boys thought that was really cool and Camden is having fun flying around with it. I made it with 300 engineering and lots of mining stuff I saved.

We are having a good week here. It has been pretty busy. Cliff's brother was here four nights in a row to help put in the new bathtub/shower. We just got the new shower curtain up yesterday. Now we just have a ton of drywall work to do, but at least the shower and tub are usable. I'll wait to post a picture of the tub when the drywall is finished.

Both kids are really happy and content lately, which is really nice. I'm loving that! They are getting along about 95% of the time and I love seeing their relationship grow. I know they won't always get along, so I will savor this moment in time.

Love to all!

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Anonymous said...

Updating my profile followings, now that I have a new profile :)

I am so sick of the sickies, right now! My family had a wicked stomach flu while we were in Ky, and Berg had the flu here while we were gone! Seems like everyone is sick :(

Hope you feel better soon!