Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A warmish day here and doggie dress up

Frozen ice on the edge of the lake. we saw lots of this and sheets of thin ice also.
Some of nature's best playgrounds.

 These photos were taken on Sunday. It was in the 50s here and we made sure to get outside, although it was quite windy! But we also had some fun once evening hit and it was pitch black again. Having kids provides lots of laughs! We have the photos to prove it.

All is well here and we are immersed in lots of interesting learning. I have lots of books I am reading, mostly nutrition and cook books right now. There is a huge selection of books being published about why low carb, low fat and high protein diets don't work and have failed us since their inception. I have been fascinated to learn about how hormones work together in harmony or disharmony with certain foods, exercise, sleep, sunlight, and other factors like weird food and drink additives. All of these things play a huge factor in our health, including our mental health and energy levels.

Me with Camden and Shadow in the background.
I've also started getting very interested in politics. Don't get me started. Cliff and I have a lot of fun talking about ways we can help make our country great again. Like getting rid of computerized voting machines, how we vote, career politicians, and more. Cliff has been interested in politics for a long time and I used to roll my eyes. But now I try to   listen and throw my opinions in there. We get our info from different sources, so it is always fun to see where our talks take us. We usually have great talks on our almost daily 30-45 minute walks.

Canadian Geese here for the winter.
Shadow with her "come on do I have to smile?" face.
The kids are doing great. Lots of cool things happen with them as well. Holden told me the other day that he is really grateful to have such a nice mom. I love to kiss and hug both boys because I know the days of smothering them with love will not last forever. I love to spoil them with new recipes and healthy foods. I hit the jackpot the other day with a turkey taco with avocado, cheese, and homemade salsa. Camden was not a fan, but Holden ate several. I have been making copies of recipes I want to try and putting them in a three ring binder. I keep the recipes for the week at the front of the binder and move them to the back after I make them. It is great for getting out of a meal rut and trying new things. Most of the recipes are very simple and with little prep time. So far I have about 50 recipes in my 3 ring binder.Last night I made a fried brown rice with veggies and scrambled eggs. It rocked! But I put too much grated ginger and Holden couldn't eat it. Camden wouldn't try it, which is typical of a six year old. It wasn't greasy though, and I can't wait to eat the leftovers for lunch.

Well, this is a lot more than the title, but there you go anyway. :O)

Lots of love to all!


Shadow and her clothing specialist.


Anonymous said...

U r very stubborn!!! It only took Cliff 20 yrs to get you into his love of politics. I have to be honest, I didn't think you would ever budge on this one. I have seen your eyes rolls on that one way too often to ever think you might budge. I just hope my house doesn't get all heated from arguing of differnet beliefs upon you two. I hope y'all agree on most things then!!! BTW, I love to see pics of my nephies, however, I must be honest it is a rare WONDERFUL treat when I see new pics of your lovely face! ♥♥♥

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thank you, Sis! I appreciate it! Since I hardly wear make up anymore I feel so naked! We can't wait to see you and we will try not to have any WWIII discussions about anything. :O)