Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Selibo is baaaack!

That is my World of Warcraft hunter, level 51.9999. Holden has been asking me to start playing again for about a year. So far he has bought me a new bow and a new rider and we are headed to a dungeon. We are having a blast. I told him part of the deal is that I go on walks daily and take care of household chores and can't ignore youngest. All of that is in check today after their help. And my hayfever is behaving today! So yay! Just had to mark this day somewhere.

Love to all!!!

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Heather's Moving Castle said...

We finished the dungeon, it was really fun! I didn't have one panic attack either. I am now almost a level 53 have some awesome new gear, thanks to Holden. He ran me through a quest/dungeon, Sunken Temple, with lots of cool dragons. We had to do it in a certain order, it was tricky. So I am done for a day or so. So glad I kept my hunter. She is more than I remembered.