Friday, September 17, 2010

Crepes, rocks, and other stuff

I always wanted to know how to make crepes! So I learned how this week. They are super easy to make! Cliff and Holden thought they were awesome. I have the batter all ready to go for breakfast tomorrow. I have been baking and cooking a lot the past month. Mostly trying new recipes and trying to keep everyone fed. The boys are growing and hungry all the time. That is a lot of work, but I truly love it---most of the time! We've been making our power fruit smoothies with bananas, blueberries, kale, ginger, lemon or lime, and flax seed daily. It helps to give me a lot of energy! I have been taking some really awesome multi-vitamins and calcium, magnesium too. When I don't take my vitamins right my upper back hurts a lot and so do my legs and I don't sleep well. I am just terrible at eating properly.

On another note we finally finished our flower beds with rocks. It looks wonderful! I am going to be sore tomorrow. We all sweat our butts off on that project. Now onto a few other outdoor projects, like paint, and trying to decide if we want to build a small front porch. The one we have is very tiny and not too safe in the winter due to ice. After that we are replacing our 30 year old bathtub! It has been on our to do list for about 5 years. It is simply gross and we can not sell our house with that thing here. Well, we could, but you know...

The boys are having a great fall. Cliff found out this week that he only needs to take 2 classes from January to mid-April to graduate in May. He is very busy with school and comes home with papers to write everyday. It is mind boggling some days to imagine how he can keep it all straight. He had to go rent a certain movie for his ethics class, watch the movie, then write a paper about it. So it is about a 5 hours process for each paper sometimes. And on top of that all the neighbor kids (7 with our kids) were at our house in and out with our kids. It makes me dizzy, but we make it work! He is still working about 25-35 hours a week at a local gas station that makes and sells pizzas and donuts. He works in the kitchen and enjoys it. It is a nice change from industrial or desk jobs.

It was beautiful weather here this week and I will miss these outdoor days when we can go on walks and work in the yard without coats and hats. The leaves are all going to start falling soon. It is a good time of year to start thinking about our vision for the future again! Cliff and I were talking about all the exciting places we want to go and experience with the kids in the next 2-5 years before we settle down again. It will be really cool to look back at these days of planning and dreaming to see how far we actually made it. We have a lot of planning left to do and nothing is set in stone yet for 2011. So we are certainly doing a lot of dreaming and thinking.

Love to all!

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