Monday, September 20, 2010

The first toad and the spider lover letter

 I found an email I sent in late September 2004 with this spider photo attached. I don't want to loose these memories or this photo. The letter freaked out some family members. And since then we have seen black widows, a coral snake and scorpions when we were in Texas. We talk a lot about various insects and what is safe to touch and when to research further. he was over 2 1/2  by a few months in this photo:
Yes, Holden is a total bug fanatic. He has come into the house on many occasion with a spider (and many other bugs) cupped in his hand wanting to show us. This is a spider he found in the yard today. The second photo is of the spider crawling up his arm and he is stopping it, but obviously not worried. He has been bit (or says he has) but I've never seen a mark he has never cried. Luckily we live in a cold place and so don't have any poisonous spiders around...believe me I have researched this for a year now. This spider freaked a neighbor kid out so much that he puked in our yard. Holden wanted to pick it up and the other boy was trying to get Holden to leave it in the bug cage. I was in the kitchen and missed most of the hoopla. Cliff and I are afraid of spiders and many other bugs and guess he has a natural attraction to them. He was walking around with a locust and a beetle last week. Most days it's just crickets or earthworms. He told me the other day that he found a snake (sure it was just a grass snake...Iowa remember) by his swing set and tried to catch it but was sad that it got away.
Well I guess you may not be visiting our house in the near future, if you are squeamish about insects or spiders. But maybe one day you'll need a bug catcher guy and he can help out. I hope you are all well and we'll let ya know when this baby comes!! I hope he or she is not afraid of bugs. And if not, that they don't torture/tease me with them one day.

And I love the photo of Holden with his first toad! I remember the day we found this beauty and we released it the next day or so back to the same pond we found it by. This was taken when he was about a year and a half or two years old.

Holden and I are making little story books with drawn pictures of family pets from the past and future, and next we are thinking of doing one about  his first toad or about spiders we have found. So lots of cool memories are being thought about. I tried to find a book I made when I was about 10 and I couldn't find it. But I showed him my poetry book from about 20 years ago. I'll try to share some photos of the books we make.

Have a great week all!


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