Sunday, September 26, 2010

September sunshine and update

It's been a good month overall despite a lot of rain, we have had a lot of sunshine. The kids played in the rain one day and I wish I had made a video of them on the trampoline. They jumped in the warm rain for about 20 minutes with friends. I didn't get any photos of the little books we made about 5 days ago. But we did have fun with that for a few days. We are celebrating Camden's 6th birthday next weekend and we are all very excited about that! Cliff has been busy with school and work, but we make time for daily walks together. It gives us a chance to exercise, talk dreams, catch up and plan. We even had a date this week at home. It was nice. I'm still on a cooking spree all the time and loving trying new recipes almost daily. Some of our photos this week:

A cool find that we let go.

Got Camden's bike tire fixed. This 20" bike is a bit too big. He is not into bikes much at the time anyhow.

Hunting for toads at a pond in our neighborhood.

More toad hunting...missed it by that much.

Saw lots of butterflies. It rained a lot the day before. The waters were high.

Camden's new haircut.

The boys in the coziest spot in the house playing Clan Wars. Holden is getting over poison ivy on the face and still wears his raccoon hat daily.

Loving our new rocks and lack of weeds.

On our way home from the pond. Holden rode his bike home.

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