Monday, April 19, 2010

Videos--no training wheels & birds singing

The first short video is of Camden (5.5) last week after he learned to ride his bike with no training wheels. It was an exciting day for him. The other super short videos were taken over the weekend at our favorite hiking spot near the bird blind at Walnut Woods. There are many bird feeders at the bird blind and you can hear the birds loud and clear in one the videos.

Being outdoors has been such a joy this spring. The bugs are not biting yet, the poison ivy is just beginning to creep around here in Iowa, and the temps are mild. Here's a poem that describes how I feel about hiking with my boys and dog:


Awaken the senses
Explore and learn
Treasure the seasons
Natures' beauty at every turn

Climbing rocks
Walking trails
Leaves and grasses
The surface we sail

Open yourself up
Listen with your heart
Hear the wild calling
Become a whole, not part

Enjoy the majesty
Take in the sublime
Don't rush
Take time

Feel the wonder
The breeze on the air
Feel the sunlight
And be aware

Magnificent and beautiful
All coexisting
Excellence and perfection
The power of hiking

Copyright 2008

Have a great week!

~Heather ♥

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