Tuesday, April 20, 2010

30 Days: great escape count down

In about 30 days we will be packing up the the Black Beast (Suburban) and heading northwest. This time we are taking the dog. We are all counting down the days...even the dog. We all need a change of scenery. This gives us all a chance to regroup and reconnect as a family. At home we are constantly being distracted and feel like we get into a mental rut. The neighbor kids are over almost every weekend and evening. And the neighbor dog (another neighbor) barks 24/7. So, it is easy to start to feel negative and cranky a lot lately. The long car ride is the only downside, but we will make it as fun as possible and we will see many interesting people, animals and such. I will take photos to share.

I am not sure I will sleep much the next month because of excitement and nerves. But all is falling into place nicely for our trip NW and then to Alaska for the summer to hang out with friends, camp, fish and explore.

May your summer plans be incredible and all your dreams come true! Love to all.

~Heather ♥

(Photos are from our great escape last summer.)

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