Friday, April 2, 2010

The April Fool!

(Photos are from last April near the end of the month in Iowa.)

Well, that was a fast month! April is one of my favorite transitional months. The joy of spring is in full bloom here in Iowa. I can look out my window and see flowers blooming now and the trees are budding. I keep meaning to photograph the daffodils that just bloomed over the past 48 hours. The kids are outside a good portion of the day and come in pretty tired at night. It makes for quiet evenings.

Our first day of April reached 86 degrees! And today it is supposed to rain. After a lovely weather week, I can use a some dreary. I know what is coming! April showers bring April flowers!!!! And May means we will be really busy getting ready for summer. So, I am going to enjoy this month a lot and try not to get all frantic about all on our to do list.

Also, I did pull a few pranks yesterday for April fools, but they weren't very funny to anyone besides me. I guess I am an April Fool.

Love to all!


P.S. But today I am feeling extra thankful because I had a hurt for two days. I am better today after a trip to my chiropractor last night. And I witnessed an adversarial parent child relationship yesterday that reminded me why we don't do school at home. I often forget how lucky I really am to see the world the way I do---with lots of help from some of the hippest, coolest, smartest moms on the planet. ♥

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I hear that!

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