Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Goldie (ratgirl) update

Goldie has mellowed out a lot the past 7 or so months since we'd had her. She missed Brownie a lot and looked visibly depressed for about a month after Brownie was gone. Her eyes were quite sad. We try to give her lots of lovin'. I cuddled her the other day and she went into such a deep sleep she was lightly purring. So I then placed her in an Easter basket to finish her nap. When she woke up I put her back in her cage. She has a few tumors and she doesn't have a lot of energy.

On a side note, when we go on our next long trip over the summer we will be taking Shadow (our two-year old Golden Retriever) with us. We have been trying to prepare her for that by getting her lots of experience with new people and being in the car more. This will be her first trip with us. I think she will do great. She is much smarter than some humans.

On another note, a friend with two male rats offered to sit Goldie for us. We quickly realized (with laughter) that would be a disaster unless we want our rats to multiply. So, we are trying to brainstorm ideas on what to do with Goldie. Our car will be packed to the rim as it is and going about 7,000 miles round trip with two boys and a dog, we will be pretty maxed out already. Yes, we are adventurers and a bit on the crazy side. It takes nuts (and courage) to do what we love best--seeing new places and being in nature. We take off in about 7 weeks.

Happy adventures to all!



Snavleys said...

This will be a great experience for our dogs as well. The one doesn't like other dogs too well so there might be a week or two of adjusting:) We've been trying to introduce him to my sister's dog with not too much luck but he went much longer the last time without getting upset. There is a training place down the road here; I might hire someone to come for a day and help us know how to introduce them. Can't wait!

Cam said...

One reason that I don't want any carpeting put back in the bus is so that all of our dogs (just added one more today) can always journey along! It wouldn't be as fun without the whole crew going on tour!!

The last picture, by the way, sooo sweet!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Our dog has met some grumpy dogs so it is good she is so cute about it and doesn't give up on them. Most of the grumps come around. I hope yours does, too! Shadow is really good with people and dogs. She gets a lot of practice though and it is in nature as a Golden Retriever. I'm glad you are excited! Only about 48 days until we leave here to head west.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

You are a brave soul, Cam! Our dog would love another dog to be with. I am glad most of the people we will be with have a dog or two. ;O)