Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring is rollin' right along...

It was a rollerblading extravaganza around here today! It all started when a mysterious box was delivered to our doorstep today by cute, pregnant mail lady. It was addressed to Camden and from Alaska! It was the rollerblades from Heidi Snavley!!!! She mailed them on St. Patrick's Day. We are so lucky to have so many nice Heidi's in our life. Holden received some rollerblades from another Heidi, Aunt Heidi, in December. Camden wore them a few days in a row and longed for his own. I blogged that we would find them this spring at a thrift store or garage sale since we rarely buy retail so we can afford our lifestyle. We love making wish lists, setting goals and finding things on Craigslist. We think on things awhile before we get them. Camden's eyes lit up when he saw his new rollerblades and they are perfect! I think he is still wearing them tonight. He may even wear them to bed. These will fit him for at least 4 years since they are adjustable and go up to size 5.

So, when the neighbor friends saw our boys going skating outside they went to get their rollerblades and joined in the fun. It was a very joyous day. We also scored a Sears hardtop cargo carrier on Craigslist. It will come in very handy on our long trips. Something we had on our wish list for awhile.

Love to all!
~Heather ;o)


Cam said...

A blast from my past! I was the first kid in my hometown to have a pair of rollerblades!! And, from then on, I was to rollerblading what Forrest was to running. haha!

Supa-Sweet Score, Cam!!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

That's what it felt like around here last weekend....rollerblading hit hard! It was the perfect weather for it, too. Who needs the skating rink? Did you wear a helmet and knee/elbow pads, Cam? My kids know to fall in the grass or on their behinds and to stop on the side when cars go by. If we go to the skate park I will ask them to wear helmets.