Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What he said: No crystal ball here

My oldest son's response to my question about whether or not his friend (a 9 year old boy) should have known better about bringing a toy to our house that he didn't want to share with Camden, 5: "Mom, he can't see into the future. He (his friend) didn't know that was going to happen." Amazes me how simple and pure kids see things.

What happened was Camden (5) kept begging to play with this friend's new toy he brought to our house and the friend didn't want to share it. It was frustrating to hear him beg to play with it. But it wasn't my place to make anyone share. And the best I could offer was for the friend to go home with his toy. I did remind him that if he doesn't want to share something to please not bring it over.


juliecache said...

i can relate to this. it is frustrating. in reverse, when someone comes over, the kids go through the house and put things up and away that are not share=able. if only there WAS a crystal ball.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

It seems so silly that a 9 year old would have issues wanting to share, but he is the youngest of 4. And I see it is his right to not share a new toy. Plus he knows little people break things on accident sometimes and he doesn't want to risk it, I guess. I felt badly for Camden, but that's just life. I will be more proactive next time. :O)