Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Three months and counting down

It seems like just yesterday that we headed northwest for our five week journey through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Washington. Our next long adventure is only three months away. I am starting to get very excited and nervous. This time we are adding Alaska to our itinerary, plus our 2 year old Golden Retriever, Shadow, will be joining us. I have moments of great anxiety and then there are moments that I am total disbelief. Can this be my life? Things I have been dreaming about for about 4 years are finally coming together. Three big things changed my life last year: The LIFE is Good conference, Yellowstone, and living life ready to accept great things to happen.

These wonderful things happen and change the course of everything. We meet new people and learn new things. Each experience changes our whole outlook on life. Things we thought we knew and wanted for ourselves are forever altered. And new dreams and plans for our future are sometimes created.

So as we prepare to embark on our next adventure, I try to contain my excitement by being patient. That is something I am getting better at doing. It helps that my husband is totally behind me on this one and he is partly responsible for helping me create this next adventure. And to think last year he was a little skeptical about our last journey. And four years ago he was against it completely and cynical. But now he is completely sold on my dream of traveling full-time for a few years. That is something we plan to do in about a year and a half. We'd start this summer if we could, but this just gives us more time to get our house ready to sell next spring and for Cliff to finish his college classes and degree.

Peace and happy dreaming to anyone reading this. Anything is possible with a lot of love and courage! Never give up and never be afraid. And never listen to the doubters and people who don't support your dreams. They just don't have a very good imagination. ♥



Tina said...

That is so exciting! I would love to travel around for a while, but we also have to wait till my hubby is done school. For us it will be another 2 years, but it will be worth the wait.

Have a ton of fun getting ready and even more on your adventure!

Karen said...

So exciting!