Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not your Grandma's snowshoes

....That was the first thing I thought when I saw these huge metal looking flip flop snowshoes.

We went snowshoeing today with a group of homeschoolers and unschoolers we know in Des Moines and the hike was led by a county conservation worker. The best part was she (county worker) brought the snowshoes and there was no charge for us to use them! Well, the other best part was it was about 35 degrees today with little wind to speak of and we had plenty of snow to walk on! Some of the kids decided to take the snowshoes off after about 10 minutes. The adult snowshoes were a little bigger than the ones I photographed. I fell at least once, but it was a soft landing.

The hike was for kids at least 8 and over, so Camden stayed home with Cliff. They had fun on a walk of their own with the dog. It was a sunny winter day to get out and see that spring is almost here.

It was a fun day indeed, but now I am tired!


This could be Grandma above. Photo credit:

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