Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome to the "Rat Hospice House"

You can see Brownie's side and neck tumors in this photo. We knew when we brought her home the end of September that she wouldn't be with us long. No one else at the Animal Rescue League wanted to take on a dying rat. The truth is we are all dying. Some of us haven't begun living. We live in fear. We are afraid to take risks. I sometimes feel like my life is slipping through my fingers too quickly. I look in the mirror and wonder where that shy teen went? But this stage of my life is my favorite---so I won't complain about wrinkles, sagging, or sun spots.

We were going to have her put down on Thursday, but Camden has taken to nursing her and giving her lots of love during her last days. If she starts to complain and look any worse we will take her to the vet. But for now this is her life at our make-shift, "Rat Hospice House." I bring Camden food and in return he doles out the love to Brownie!

(Above) This is Holden and Goldie. Goldie has been giving lots of love to Brownie, too. She stopped nesting in the high nesting box and sleeps in the house on the cage bottom with Brownie.

This is Camden playing in the basement with her yesterday. Brownie takes it all in stride. We've had other people over this week who have given her lots of love, too. She's a sweety!

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