Sunday, February 7, 2010

Presenting.....our family clown

Life with this little guy just gets better and better every day. He asked me last night if a bad smell was a joke I was playing on him. Well, maybe it was my turn to make him wonder and laugh. LOL. We love both our boys and we are proud of them for just being themselves. But the baby likes to steal the show. He loves posing for the camera and is quite the ham. See for yourself:

We are getting another big winter storm tomorrow and we are taking it in stride. Have a great week and love to all!


P.S. The photo of him in the dishwasher was not set up. I turned around and there he was! Oh my!

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Sarah said...

It opens my heart and gave me great smile from within this morning reading your post and seeing those precious snapshots of your life. It brings back fond memories of my teen when she was at that age...I had one she was stuck in the lower cabinet with her extra padded bottom sticking out!