Monday, January 11, 2010

Goggles and Guitars

Here is a photo of Holden's new swimming goggles for doing laps at the YMCA (or in my sister's huge bathtub or any other body of water). He loves them!

The other photo is Holden's first informal guitar lesson from the adopted son of a friend we went to see in Conroe, Tx on Friday. The young man took it upon himself to give Holden a few pointers. He is a gifted guitarist and has several guitars. He taught himself to play guitar and has played with one of the Oakridge Boys at a private gig. He was pretty cool! His adopted dad showed us some pointers too. It was a really fun visit. The kids ventured out to ride their 4 wheeler on their dirt track. We also fed Miniwheat (mini horse) and their white rabbit some carrots we brought. They also homeschool and their house was bustling with happy energy. We met about 10 people that day at their house. Some other friends at their house that day gave Holden some pointers on his front flip on their trampoline. Here's a blog about our last visit with these friends. It includes a photo of Holden sitting on Miniwheat:

We're home now and excited about going to the YMCA today! All is well. We made it home yesterday afternoon. It was an awesome drive home. The first 2 minutes of our drive we saw two bald eagles overlooking the lake by my sister's neighborhood. And then when we were driving through Oklahoma I saw an armadillo waddling away from the side the interstate. What a happy sight to see a live armadillo!

Love to all!


Love to all!


zamozo said...

Hey! Welcome home! We drove home yesterday too, from the Santa Fe Symposium! Awesome time but glad to be in our home even if there's a pile of snow outside. We should have coffee soon!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Yes, that would be great! Welcome home to you too!!! I want to hear about the symposium,