Saturday, September 5, 2009

In Austin

We made it here yesterday afternoon. We unpacked our stuff at my aunt's and talked with her a long while. Then we went to say hi to my uncle and grandmother next door. My uncle made us the most delicious dinner. Almost as yummy as the one we had the night before at my sister's. Camden was not interested in either dinner. That was fine and we supported his wishes to eat something else.

The neatest thing about today was seeing hard rain here. They haven't had much rain at all and it has been a very hot summer too. There is a chance of rain every day for a while. There was a power outage for about an hour.

After dinner we watched a movie with my uncle and grandma. Then we came back to my aunt's. I was tired and just went to bed.

Now we are waiting for the boys to get up and we will go back to my grandma's and decide what we will do today.

Love to all!


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