Monday, September 7, 2009

Halfway home

We left Texas yesterday. We'll be home tonight. It was an uneventful drive, except for a few minor melt downs and some hard rain. Cliff sat in the back with the boys and watched movies on the laptop for half the drive to northern OK yesterday. We found some great hotel coupons that saved us a lot of money. We were able to stay in $89 hotels for $68, which includes tax. I'm really glad my hubby looked in a coupon magazine last week when we were eating dinner at a restaurant. We kept the hotel coupon magazine for the drive home hotel last night. We are waiting for Camden to wake up this morning and then we will take our time getting home. All is well and we are thankful to be together and excited about the sunny and 80 degree weather we'll be having this week in Iowa.

Love to all!!!!


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