Friday, July 31, 2009

We love our kids

Last night was mom's night out for any moms who were interested. It ended up being 4 homeschooling moms and one mom who may or may not be a homeschooler. I didn't ask her. She was a friend of a friend. We went to a local piano bar. It was a really fun time!!! We met for dinner at 6:30pm and didn't leave until about 11:oopm or so. The dueling piano guys really put on a funny show for us. The atmosphere was upbeat and we had a lot of laughs. My favorite was just getting to know friends better and realizing how much we love being with our kids. That is our common thread. We love being there to see all the fascination and joy for life. Life may not always be easier doing things the way we have chosen. But it is never dull or anything we can't handle. We are building strong bonds with our kids too.

I'm really grateful my husband was supportive of our night out. He was awake when I got home and I was able to tell him all the interesting things that happened.

We're going out again in the fall!

~Heather :O)


Snavleys said...

Sounds like fun! Homeschoolers or not I find that it's just nice to be around people who are nice to their kids and enjoy being around them:)

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Yes, parents who are nice to their kids! That is always a bonus!!! :O)