Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Impossible not to learn

Six years ago we decided we were going to homeschool. At the time I knew in my heart that was the right thing for our family. Holden was about a year old. I knew I wanted to be a part of his life in a big way. I love being with him every day to see him unfold. It is impossible to express how proud I am of him. Right now he has a friend over and so does Camden. Their friends can't wait to come over here to see them.

All within five minutes today this is what I heard from Holden--these are random things I wrote down: "Dad what is the download at now?" Dad's reply: "Nintey-two percent." This is an update download for the on-line game World of Warcraft that has been downloading for a few days on Holden's laptop. Holden's quick reply: "Oh good! Only 8 more to go!" A minute later I heard him asking his dad if his shorts were flammable. And then in the kitchen he asked me if the reeds on the table in a glass of water would live without water? He picked them after a trail bike ride on Sunday as a family. These questions are all within just five minutes. And these are random things.

We are truly learning every minute of the day. It is not always perfect and some learning doesn't look like learning. We learn through our passions and experiences as a family. We don't break life down into subjects. Life is all connected and interesting. I'm doing things I find interesting and so is my husband. The kids ask questions and get excited too.

Here's to learning in freedom!!!

~Heather :O)

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