Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just the beginning

Some people are spending the rest of their weeks off wondering how they are going to afford designer clothes for their kids and all the expenses of school. Meanwhile, we are looking ahead to fall and all the exciting things that will bring. We'll be meeting with Holden's supervising teacher next week. He is really excited because we are meeting someplace cool. I have finished all our paperwork for that and look forward to getting the homeschooling paperwork to the school district in August. It was really easy paperwork. Not as complicated as you would think.

I can't believe Camden, my baby, will be five in a little over two months. We all four have birthdays in the fall. And our 14th wedding anniversary is a few weeks after Camden's birthday. We have so much to be grateful for despite days when I forget to count my blessings.

Holden is interested in lots of neat things and extremely articulate. Camden is so much fun too. He really has rocked our world. I am going to bed and going to kiss my babies goodnight. They are so special to hubby and me.

So happy and grateful for all the adventures we will have the rest of the summer and the rest of the year without the dread of school coming. We'll be learning plenty. We just won't be playing school at home. We'll be learning and loving life every step of the way.

Sending peace and sanity vibes to all those who are feeling their days of fun are numbered. Maybe one day everyone will realize there are other ways of learning.

~Heather :O)


Rana said...

I have been thinking the same thing. I've been watching all these people in the stores looking at school supplies and clothes and thinking their kids will be starting school soon. I'm thinking we will be able to go to the museum and the cider mill and the zoo without the big crowds because all the kids are in school. Plus my kids won't have to sit cooped up in a classroom.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Some parents can't wait for their kids to get back in school. :O( I can't wait to see what cool things life will bring our way. I will miss seeing kids playing outside during the day---well, the ones not gone all day. Life is just so complicated when it can be so simple and amazing.

I do like going places when it is not crowded, but even that is odd and unnatural. I do cringe when I see a school bus though. But at least they get to do some things they may not ever get to see otherwise.

Sarah said...

We celebrate in a big way when school kids return to school in September. It's party time. We love camping during the month of September plus spending five days in our all-time favorite unschooling retreat. Enjoy the glorious summer.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Our neighbors came a knocking at 8:30 this morning??? Are we really that cool? They were here at 7:45 another day. And heck they know we don't get up early. But they still come. I can't wait for organized sports to start again for them. They seem so bored.