Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not Back to School picnic banner

The next step will be to design the letters. I am going back in forth about how to do the letters and what it will say. I am leaning toward making the letters with black fabric and using fabric glue to adhere them. Afterward I would use colorful fabric paint to accent the letters on the edges. I have been talking to lots of crafty people to get ideas.

Instead of the banner saying "Not Back to School Picnic" I am leaning toward "Welcome!" and under that in smaller letters: the endless summer. A friend remembered a neat unschooling article called "The Endless Summer." I liked that article so much I made a shirt with those words on the back in red fabric paint.

For the banner I found some great summer stencils with suns, flowers, and bugs. Or I can get iron on accents. Either way this banner will be unique, colorful, and make everyone feel welcomed to any gathering we have in the future!

I have had a local friend offer to help sew the seams. I am really excited to share this with others and hope you enjoy seeing it progress. If you live near and have black fabric you'd like to donate, please let me know.

Thanks for any ideas and for your interest in our project. What do you think about the lettering font to be designed??? Sorry it is facing the wrong way. Not sure why it is doing that.

~Heather :O)

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