Monday, July 6, 2009

A sweet surprise yesterday

My boys are have a fair amount of horsing around together, free-time, and fighting as well. Some days there is a lot of fighting. And over the years my oldest has chosen to play with friends over his brother AT TIMES. The past few days he hasn't asked for his friends. And when I asked him why he said Camden was more interesting right now. I asked him if he'd rather have so and so (a neighbor friend he's known his whole life) for a brother and he said no. And he was serious. It made me really happy to hear that because that means that if brothers like each other, than they are like-able people. They are building a relationship that will last a lifetime. It is the greatest gift parents can give their children. Yay!

Peace and love to all!!!


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Anonymous said...

I can't believe Holden said, No" to having another sibling! That is WONDERFUL. I already know what u would have said, Sis. LOL ;p