Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Photos from today and life in this moment

I am posting Holden's new smile without his front bottom baby teeth. I should have taken photos of his cool shark teeth. He just lost his two front bottom baby teeth last week and you can't really even tell.

I am posting a pic of our Chinese fighting fish since we've had him over a year now (yay!). And we've had Shadow (our dog) for a year now as well. She has calmed down a lot since we had her spayed. She's a cool dog! I took photos of the flowers we got at the May Day party and planted. They are in several different pots. I just love them!!! They are so pretty.

We (all of us) went to a park today and some friends met us there. I didn't get any photos. Darn! It was a really pretty rose garden at the Des Moines Art Center. There are lots of trees and cool things to look at. The roses weren't all bloomed, so I hope to go back soon. Tonight the boys helped me make dinner. They are loving helping in the kitchen lately. It is easier now with our updated kitchen. And I LOVE my dishwasher and sink.

Camden has been doing some really funny things lately, which I can't post here. He makes us laugh so hard. And both boys play together a lot and have friends over. Camden does some crazy stuff and gets hurt, too. He screams and scares the crap out of us. He's still young and needs a lot of supervision at time. So, he keeps us on our toes. I can't believe he is going to be five in October.

All is well here. I am going to bed. A friend is coming over tomorrow morning to help Cliff install a ceiling fan in our living room. Something we have needed for awhile. There is no ceiling light there now, so it will be fun, fun. I will be running away with the boys somewhere.

Peace and joy all!!!!


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