Thursday, July 9, 2009

Homemade black snakes and pizza night

I am just having fun in the now right now. It is summer and a really pretty summer. Both boys are the age that they can go, go, go a lot. So we are pretty busy here. No nap times to blog during either. lol. Today Camden and I made homemade black snakes thanks to Julia. We used baking soda, lighter fluid, powdered sugar, and the sandbox. Worked just like a charm. Camden loved it. After that we went to the neighbors to teach them how to make homemade pizza and pizza bread using a loaf of French bread. It was a fun day. Cliff made pizza dough this morning while I went grocery shopping. He used the 5 minute a day bread recipe for light whole wheat. We made pizza for ourselves with that dough. I showed the neighbors how to make dough in their bread maker using another recipe I use. I wish I had taken photos. The pizza looked so pretty! And they were all yummy.

This week we're going to make calzones, too. I made a yummy salad for the week and we have lots of fruits and veggies for the week. I love summer!!!!! I need to be sure to get more photos. But sometimes it is fun to just enjoy the moment more. Plus my kids are sick of the camera being in their face. LOL. Today Camden (4) did some things that are unbloggable that made Holden and I want to wet out britches. That boy is CRAZY like a fox. I would love to get him on video, but most of his antics are while he is naked. He is a free spirit and still very much wild. I can't imagine him ever being tame. Holden used to be so wild, too. I can't hardly remember him at four and at the time I thought I would die!!!! A newborn and a four year old. Those were wild days, too. I'm so grateful we parent the way we do. It is cool to see Camden's spirit unfold without worrying too much that he is going to be an axe murderer. Holden is a great kid and he was a lot like Camden at 4.5. But there are days that I wish I had more patience. Still learning and growing here.

Tonight Cliff watched a movie with the boys while I made a cheesecake. It was a slasher movie, and I am not a slasher movie fan. Camden bailed on it too. LOL. Camden wanted to eat the cake with tongs and then he tasted the cheesecake and he didn't care for it. I called my sister, Heidi, to say hi to her before she leaves on a trip. I miss her.

Happy summer all!!!!!

Love to all,

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juliecache said...

glad you did the black snakes with success!