Thursday, July 2, 2009

Little boys and their teeth

Today both boys had a dentist appointment for cleanings. They love their dentist!!!! Holden saved his really wiggly teeth for the dentist to pull today. He was excited about losing his first baby teeth. They are so cute. He will be 8 in December, so he waited a long time for this day. He was going to pull them himself, but he decided to wait. He wasn't afraid, just wanted the dentist to do it. LOL. He told me this morning it took him forever to fall asleep last night. He said he kept telling himself to go to sleep so he could get up and go to the dentist today, and he was excited about it. He has two teeth already coming up where the other teeth were. He looked like shark boy for a few months. LOL.

I have a note from the tooth fairy and money all ready to go. He is watching a movie with his dad and Camden is passed out on the couch. He played really hard today, as always. Two of their neighbor bud friends have been over almost every day and Camden goes to his girlfriend's house two doors down.

I'll have photos to share next week. Nothing major going on. Just busy living and loving the weather this week.

Love to all!!!!

~Heather :O)

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