Friday, May 29, 2009

Update from Washington

I am at a grocery store with wi-fi so I can upload my photos to Flickr and some videos to our Youtube account. The trip is going well and we have had amazingly beautiful weather here in Washington. We've been at Cliff's sisters all week. She and her husband have been spoiling us. We played volleyball and badmitten last night. We also made donuts and painted some wooden bird houses. It was a lot of fun, although I was pooped. We also went to the beach two days in a row. Saw some awesome sea creatures, and got some photos with huge starfish. We are headed back to MT tomorrow, and then to Yellowstone a few days after that. It is about an 8 hour drive to where we are headed in MT. I am running behind on blogging with current photos due to not having wi-fi this week. But we are doing great!

More LIFE is Good conference photos:

Holden with Tails. He and tails were kindred spirits. We'd love to visit Tails and her mom Crystal in New Mexico. I got a picture of her after doing her cartwheel show at the show. She is a cool chic! Holden also enjoyed hanging out with Alex Wilson, Hayden Jenner, and several other kids. Both boys had a fabulous time.

Hula Hoop--First performance at the talent show.

This is the Share donation table for the homeless. Cliff helped me load up all the donations people brought to the conference, and I delivered the donations to the downtown Share location in Vancouver, Washington on Memorial Day. There was a highchair, stroller, and a book of books not show in this photo. Holden helped me make the sign; he drew the house.

Both boys with another new friend, Valen. This was the last day at the conference and brought so many emotions about. Mostly, I am hoping to go again next year.

I am uploading all my photos to Flickr now. I took a ton. We are brownsplus2 on and youtube. You never know who will show up on youtube. Hope no one gets mad about seeing their video or photo posted.

Lots of love to all!



Frank said...

Just wonderful!

Hilary said...

Glad to hear the trip is going so well!