Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HIGHlights of LIFE is good

Meeting these people was utterly awesome: Wayneforths, Brad and Lucretia Holcomb and kids, Golds, Frank and Ronnie Maier, Laura and Joey Miller, Winklers, Aschs, Snavleys, Ren Allen and crew, Scott Noelle, Rain Fordyce, Crystal and Tails Miller, Brenda and Greg Wilson and kids, Beth Fuller, Jeff/Ginger Sabo and boys, Gillian, Jana Smith, Diana Jenner and crew, and countless others. It was such a wonderful energy to be surrounded by people who want us to succeed as a family and for our kids to be totally accepted and loved by dozens and dozens of people who also enjoy Learning In Freedom Everyday.

Other highlights include: all the talks by the speakers, hanging out at the pool, seeing our kids having the time of their lives, and all the events they had to make it fun for the kids...the room with games and video games, space for kids to be kids, the concert with Amy and the Good Vibrations, the dance, the talent show, and the picnic at the park on Memorial Day. It was four plus days of pure delight and amazement at all the time and effort put into the conference.

We are missing all so much, but so grateful for the experience. I will have more photos to share in a few days or by the weekend.

Much appreciation and love to all our friends and family...

~Heather and family


Photos: Kev Snavley; Camden and John Holcomb


Frank said...

Nice post. It was a great weekend.

Ronnie said...

I love the top photo! You should send that to Mary Gold for the new Web site!

It was great to see you!

Snavleys said...

SO MUCH FUN!!! I really wasn't ready for it to all end. Not ready to be back home either. Hope you have a grand time on the rest of your trip and so glad we were finally able to meet and connect.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thanks all!!!! So awesome to hear from you. We will have a fun rest of our trip. Once I get some wi-fi I will post some videos and photos. :O)

Frank said...

I jsut saw your comment on my blogpost. Oh my, YES! YES!!!

Please, hook me up with a link to the the talent show video. We brough our new-ish digital video camera but forot the charger and the battery was dead, so we don't have any video.


inconsequentia said...

sweetpea, t'was nice to speak with you. you rock, as always. *thank you* for the snaps.