Saturday, May 9, 2009

Simple treasured times in the sun

The video is really blurry for some reason. But I mainly wanted to capture the beauty of the chorus of frogs and birds. The video was taken on a hike Holden and I were on this past week. The frogs are awesome. The coolest part to me was realizing how much fun and natural learning we'd be missing with if they were in school all day. I wish everyone on earth could feel this freedom that is such a gift and really how life is supposed to be. It is sad to think slavery is something that was abolished. Many people are enslaved and don't even realize it or understand why they are so stressed and miserable. :O(

I love these family moments of this past week. They make my heart soar. I don't really feel too stressed about Mother's Day. It feels like any other weekend to me. My husband and kids make me feel special every day, and that is something I take for granted more than I like to admit.

Happy weekend all! We are going to be enjoying our last weekend at home for awhile. I'm starting to miss it already, although I am excited about our upcoming adventures.

Lots of love.


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