Sunday, May 10, 2009

A fun Mother's Day

It was a relaxing day here. Hubby made a big breakfast and bought me a cake. He even did clean up. We joked around a lot today and got some things ready for the week. He is leaving for Ohio in the morning. I'll miss him while he is at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for school. When he gets back we'll be leaving in two days for our massive NW adventure. I am grateful for a wonderful day. My favorite was going fishing, although I normally do not enjoy fishing. But we went with neighbors and it was fun. What made it fun is that the boys are older. Holden is a really good caster now and he has it down pretty well. We also hung out in our new tent yesterday. Hubby sealed all the seams with a special seam sealing glue he bought. We did some star gazing last night. It was nice.

Both Cliff and I lost our moms a while back. So it is a little weird just doing our own thing. I helped to bring joy to some of my neighbor mom friends who I enjoy.

Hope you all had a happy day and a happy weekend.

Lots of love!

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