Friday, April 10, 2009

What am I thinking????

It is really too late (2am) for me to be on here blogging, but what the heck!!!! I am glad I just uploaded my pictures. It reminded me of a few cool things over the past week I have to be grateful for:

Holden made this clay design for me. I had to get a picture of it close up and with him because I knew it wouldn't last forever. He's such a special guy. The photo of Camden in the tree is from last week at the park near our house. We went with friends. It was really fun day. No one wanted to pose for me in the tree. Gee, really??? No surprise. I'm grateful hubby has a knack for getting Camden to fall asleep while cuddling. We were watching a really interesting movie and hub's wanted me to take that photo of them. He is very sentimental about his boys. Holden is wearing in-line skates for the first time in one the photos! What a cool guy!!!! Today he asked me to take his photo with Shadow and show him some things about my camera, so he could take a few particular shots.

I am so amazed at all the cool things they have been asking and doing this week, and always. I just sometimes take it for granted because I am with them everyday, a l l d a y l o n g. Camden is learning to read more than I was expecting for his age. And Holden is writing a lot lately. They both are very vocal about their feelings and desires. They are really good at getting their needs met and good at being taken seriously. They look adults in the eye and ask for what they need or want. Granted, Holden (7) wants a machete and cat. But not so he can chop up a cat. LOL. He is a die hard animal lover!!!! I said he can have a machete when he is a little older. And the cat, well, one day.

I am going to bed. I still have a lot I want to tell. But it is late and I am afraid all these gratefullisms will be for not if I am too tired to be awaken by my beautifuls---at the crack of lunch time.

So that is what I am thinking. I'm feeling better now that I got most of it out, even if it wasn't grammatically correct and pretty. That's just going to have to do.

Sending sunshaine to all membrains!!!!!!!! So what if it doesn't make sense. Go with it. Life is too short to think too deeply into that one.

Love to all.

~Heather xoxoxox

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