Saturday, April 11, 2009

Indomitable Spirits

I'm not talking about ghosts. I'm talking about living souls who roam this earth. Life can give us a beating, but we just never give up. We don't consistently bow down to negatives or beliefs which bring us down on a regular basis. Most of the time, we have the attitude that we can overcome the odds no matter what hand we're dealt.

I grew up under not the greatest of circumstances. I've been on the brink of suicide a fair number of times. I've lost loved ones from heart attacks, suicide, genocide (made that one up, sorry), and depression. I've been saved, baptized, and worshipped every type of God. I've had postpartum. I've had anxiety attacks. I have been lonely, broke, and depressed all at the same time. I've been the neat freak, loner, people pleaser, leader, follower, cute popular girl, new girl, outcast, prude, bad girl, and miss priss. And all that is just in the past seven years. LOL. We won't even go beyond that! That is history. Right now is all I have. And I intend to give the rest of my life the respect and kindness it deserves. No one deserves it more than I do!!!!! O.k. maybe you deserve it too. We can choose our own destiny and attitude no matter what our tendencies are. We just have to believe and trust in the higher power within ourselves. I believe in higher powers, too. But I believe in myself, too. Not every day or year is what I would like. I just keep visualizing where I want to be and I am slowly getting there. One thing that I have learned is to stop hating myself for not being perfect. I love myself more than ever and have stopped the self loathing over the past few years. It feels nice. I'm still morphing and growing. We all are. I don't ever feel guilty for who I am anymore. I'm perfect just the way I am!!!!

Love to all you beautiful spirits!!!!


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