Thursday, April 2, 2009

Six weeks until take off

We had a really special day. It is so hard for me to put into words how much fun we had today at the skating rink with the boys and the unschooling tribe in central Iowa. We even had some unschooling friends come in from out of town to join us. It made the day complete! You can not imagine what it is like to be in a skating rink with a bunch of parents and children who are filled with so much love and joy for life. No one was fighting, bullying, criticizing, or demeaning. Also, Holden asked to try out in-line skates today. To my surprise he loved them! He is so hooked on skating now and wants us to buy him in-line skates.

Onto my reason for blogging, and need to write. I'm thinking I need to start preparing for take off! Cliff asked me last night if I had made hotel reservations for our vacation next month and into June. I did for the time we will be at the Life is Good conference in Washington. I am finding it really hard to plan this trip out. I am becoming the sort of person that prefers to leave things up to chance and think positive. When we need a hotel/motel it will all work out somehow. I'm really excited, but also nervous. I get that way before long trips in the car and going to places I have never been to. I'm thrilled about going to Yellowstone and we may have a tour guide! Cliff has a friend who is going to try to meet us there with his wife. They live in MT and plan to bring their camper along. We will most likely need to buy a tent to sleep in because it will be easier and less expensive than hotel hunting for that period of the trip.

Obviously, I have a lot to be researching and planning. But truly is this something you can plan out? We will take maps and our hopes for this trip. But mostly I'm hoping to take our sense of adventure and sense of humor. The most un-fun is getting everything ready for take-off. But even that won't be so horrible...I hope.

Wish me luck!

~Heather xoxox


Hilary said...

I love going on trips! Our last one was to the Rushmore area, and you're right. It IS hard to plan out where you're going to be when. (Case in point, that trip was supposed to be to Sioux City and around western Iowa. lol)

It was very nice to finally meet you and the family (and Shadow ... my kids are in love with your poka-dotted dog). Very fun day.

kelli said...

I feel the same way about trips, some of it does need to be free flowing (for us anyway ;) but I've also found that I'm glad I've looked into some locations before so I know what is available there to see :)
I bet you'll have a great time at LIG, I so thought I was going to make it there this year but alas no. :(

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I am really nervous, but know it will all work out. The hardest is finding a dog sitter. LOL. But I think we will figure it out soon.

Kelli, sorry you can't make it to LIG. But you could go to the Sept. conference in Disney World, if you wanted. That sounds cool!

Alex Polikowsky said...

Its going to be awesome! I wish I could go too! You are going to have to give lots of people hugs from me! And to drive there!!!!!!! What an adenture girl!!!!!!!!!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

i just hope we live to tell the tale. lol. i will be so excited when we get there i will probably wet my pants!!!!!! i wish everyone could go with us!!!!!!