Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fine, young maniacs

This month is off to a roaring start! A few days ago we had some snow action. I saw this hand print from one of our guys on our patio chair. I had to take this pic on the way over to see some friends for a birthday party. It was a fun party! The cold snap sent me into a tizzy though, and I took half a mental health day on Sunday to regain my sanity. I think my tizzy was partly due to the fact that we are still working on the kitchen. lol.

Today, was a fun day filled with pranks and even a surprise visitor. Actually, it was a planned visit from a friend--and I misread her note to me about her visit. It was a nice surprise today for Holden and I. We got to show them World of Warcraft and got them excited about it. Neighbor kids had early out, and so both boys were busy all day. Cliff and I pulled pranks on each other, and we plan to do more of those all year. It was a lot of fun.

Cliff and I sat down to watch a movie this evening and Camden was about asleep when his best buddy came over to see him. Off he went outside to play. And later he asked if he could draw on himself with his washable markers. He went to town on that one! Now Camden is passed out on the couch. Cliff and Holden are happily playing WoW tonight.

I'm getting ready for bed. I've been waking up earlier to do some yoga or cardio workout in the mornings while the kids are still asleep. I want to get in better shape for our summer adventures, if I am going to keep up. Also, we are meeting up with our unschooling tribe at the local roller rink tomorrow afternoon. Should be a fun day!

We've been loving playing Toon Town still and gaining laugh boosts and new gags. Also, been loving Ortist on Both boys and I LOVE drawing on Ortist! It is awesome. Check it out, these are mine that I did with the boys. They have some of their own as well that we have saved:
visit Ortist

visit Ortist

visit Ortist

Smiles and peace!

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