Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful boys, icky weather, and movies

My beautiful boys kept the weekend fun while we endured winter's last strike! I didn't take any photos of the little bit of snow we had. Thankfully it pretty much melted, but it is cold and windy now. I am excited about the warmer days ahead. Cliff had to work so the boys and I hung out at home (read as--stuck at home with no vehicle. lol) We played games, hung out with friends, ate, sang with the karaoke machine, and watched movies. Tonight Cliff took us to see a movie when he got home from his reserve duty. We saw Monsters vs. Aliens. It was the best animated movie we had seen in a while. We saw the 2D version. Cliff thought it was better than Madagascar. It was funny and interesting. The story will resonate with teen girls and moms. Basically, the movie is about not selling ourselves short. Both boys loved it as well.

I have lots of things that would be really cool to blog about, but honestly I am just not in a blogging mood lately. I have been busy doing other things and been grateful for other activities. I bet once it is a sunny day, and tulips are in bloom, I will get more excited about taking photos again and blogging.

Dragging my butt to bed now to join the rest of the gang.

Love to all!


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